Iran, The Land Of The Aryans

Saturday, July 08, 2006

The Persian people are being destroyed as we speak. Not by bombs or tanks, but by Islam.
Ever since Islam came to Iran about 1300 years ago, all it has done is destroy our heritage and culture. When the Muslims first came to Iran they faced harsh resistance from both the Iranian Army and the Iranian people. After years of fighting the Arabs successfully occupied Iran for over 200 years. During this time libraries filled with Persian literature were burnt to the ground, poets and philosophers were murdered, thinkers and scientists were executed, women were forced to cover their body’s and faces. This is how Iran became a Muslim nation, not by peace and love, but by hate and force. Sound familiar? Well, the same thing has been going on for the past 28 years in Iran and nobody is doing anything about it. Why? Because when the US says that it is concerned about the Iranian people, it doesn’t mean that it is worried about how their heritage and culture is being destroyed and replaced with savage Arab traditions, no what it means is that: ''Your government does not agree with us, and they don't like our best friend (Israel), so we are going to replace the current government with something that does''
This is why I am against a US invasion. Why should I allow my people to be passed on from one rapist to another? Why should I support a regime that has illegally settled itself in some other nations land and is destroying their heritage and culture, the way the government in Iran is destroying the Persians? Why would I do such a thing? I want the Islamic Republic to wipe out of existence and I want the people responsible for the Islamic Republic to be tortured as long as possible so that they can feel just a small percentage of the pain that the Persian people have been suffering from during their rule.
The way to get rid of them is not by an invasion, because believe me, they got a whole generation of brainwashed youth ready to blow themselves up along with anything that looks American or Western. The way to get rid of these terrorists is by becoming strong and outthinking them.
They are the most uneducated and most simple people in the nation, and you are probably asking: ''Well, if they are so uneducated and simple then how are they governing a nation which you say is completely against them?''. The answer is very simple:
Without force the Islamic Republic of Iran would collapse in a day. If freedom was given to the people they would force these Arab wannabes back to Saudi Arabia faster than anyone could imagine.
So we, the Iranian people have to stand up. Not follow the path they want us to go, but instead get educated, not use Arabic words (as much as we can after 1400 years of force and Arabic influence), not abandon our Persian and Aryan traditions, not be afraid of the mullahs, teach our kids and grand kids about the Persian Empire and it's greatness before Islam came to it.
At the same time I would like to thank Khomeini. You know why? Because he has forced us away from Islam! He has made us realize exactly what Islam has been doing to our country for the past 1400 years. When this regime falls, the mosques will be turned to night clubs, and the women’s head scarf’s will be banned and Arabic and Quran classes will be prohibited from all schools and never again will the Persian people be lured and mislead by Islam or Arabs.
For nations such as Egypt or Iran, who during that time already had very civilized cultures (compared to Islamic culture), Islam was a powerful step back and has been slowing the nations down ever since. Islam has even turned Egypt to an Arab speaking nation. They tried to do the same with Iran but failed. We have proven that wee can stand up to the Arab forces if we want to.

I beg the Iranian People to better themselves. Because right now they are just helping the enemy. They say they are the grand children of Cyrus the Great but the pray towards Mecca 3 times a day. They say that they give their children freedoms of the West but they tell their daughters that they can't go out unless they wears something that is less revealing, and blame it on being old fashioned. Wake up! We are losing the battle against the people who want to take away our heritage and culture. I for one won't let that happen. I will stand up against this Arab influence and once and for all wipe them out of our country, and I just wish the rest of the Iranian Nation will do the same!

Long Live Iran
The Land of the Aryans